Tanamere Stabling




At the moment we have 3 wooden stables (3mx3,5m) open.

  • Horses are fed according to their individual needs and a careful watch is kept on the condition and going of the horse and feed can be adjusted if need be but only once discussed with the owner.
  • Stables are mucked out on a daily basis and topped up with shavings 2 x per week to ensure a warm, dry bed or Straw. (Depending on stabling option)
  • Horses are fed the equivalent of a large teff net at night on the floor to simulate natural grazing.  Eragrostis is of good quality and fertilized.
  • Horses are groomed each day with their own grooming kit, with manes and ears done on a regular basis (at no extra cost)
  • Depending on your stabling option, Horses are sprayed each morning and night in the summer with Tabard to help prevent AHS and stables are fitted with Fans(supplied by client) 
  • Tempretures are taken twice a day and recorded so that we can pick up any possible illness early.
  • Our staff are friendly, reliable and happy. They have a genuine love for the horses.


Routine (we keep as close to this as possible to keep the horses happy)

Horses are fed at 7am each morning, then groomed and then sent out between 8am and 9am each day into large paddocks as a herd (mares and gelding are seperated).They then get lunch at 11:15am. In the afternoon they come in between 2:30pm  and 3pm for dinner, after their feet are cleaned and they are checked over for ticks and wounds, they are then sprayed or blanketed (again according to summer/winter). Temperatures are closely monitored through the winter to ensure your horse does not get too cold or too hot with the wrong kind of blanket on.

Horses are stabled within the electric fence to ensure their safety!

Your horse means as much to us as our own and cared for as such!


Our Facilities

We have:

  • A large 50X55 sand arena well equipped with jumping equipment and dressage letters.
  • A 60x40 grass arena
  • Lovely outrides for relaxation or endurance training
  • 4 x wash bays/ crushes
  • A safe secure tack room inside the house with an alarm system

If any lunging or schooling of horses is required it is done personally by Rosalind.
We also offer show turnout from bathing and trimming to plaiting. (only thread used for plaiting)